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When is it considered too early to start thinking about holiday menus and desserts? My general feeling is September is far too early, although once October rolls around I start to flirt with different pies I may want to serve for Thanksgiving. And this year, we have a new contender: The Brownie Pecan Pie.

This dessert is an example of what occurs when two of my favorite desserts collide, and I can't believe I haven't thought of it myself. It boasts a chocolatey, gooey filling studded with toasty pecans and folded into a buttery crust. While I generally don't use box mixes for much of anything these days, I do appreciate that many folks are in a hurry and sometimes boxed brownies can really hit the spot. My mom makes boxed brownies and while I always lecture her about how easy they are to make, her brownies taste pretty darned good. So the thought of adding a little brownie batter into my next pecan pie is tempting, and will likely happen soon.

Get the Recipe: Brownie Pecan Pie from A Beautiful Mess

Note: while the gals from the blog A Beautiful Mess recommend using a boxed brownie mix, you could certainly make your own brownies instead. Here are a few classic, no-fail brownie recipes to get you going:

Triple Chocolate Chip Brownies - The Kitchn
Chewy Brownies - Brown-Eyed Baker
Fudge Brownies - King Arthur Flour

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