Look! An Easy Mooncake Recipe

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, and in many Asian communities this means celebrating with mooncakes.

Nowadays most people buy these confections, but if you're adventurous you might attempt making one of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese cakes we highlighted in last year's Mooncakes & Dumplings post.

Or you could go the easier route and try this recipe for jelly mooncakes…

Jelly mooncakes may not be traditional, but they are a popular alternative in China and other countries. (They're also a lot lighter!) This "no skills needed" recipe from Joanne Yao of CNNGo Shanghai uses agar (a gelatin substitute derived from seaweed; look for it at Asian and health food stores), coconut cream, condensed milk, simple syrup, and your choice of flavorings and colorings. If you don't have mooncake molds, you can set the jelly in drinking glasses, small dishes, or other molds.

For those with a bit more time, there's also a "some skill required" recipe for snowskin mooncake with red bean paste and salty egg yolk.

Are you celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival? What are you cooking or eating?

Get the recipe: Mooncake recipes for every skill level from CNNGo

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(Image: CNNGo/Ka Cheong Liu)

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