Look! A Tiny Eating Nook in a Small City Kitchen

Look! A Tiny Eating Nook in a Small City Kitchen

This kitchen looks more traditional than many of the ones we feature here at The Kitchn (maybe it's the mural painted on the back wall?) but it belongs to a very sophisticated lady- opera star Renee Fleming. What we love the most is that she managed to get a surprisingly luxurious eating nook into a galley space. See a close-up, below...

How cozy does that look?

So many of us have little slivers of space here and there that could be used for eating. And, of course, many of us don't have the money to hire contractors who can create such a well-designed, perfectly-suited solution.

But it does go to show that you can squeeze little cushy details in where you might not think they fit. Fleming notes that every single inch of her kitchen is being used for something. No sliver of space is wasted.

See the full slideshow , including a before shot, at Country Living

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(Images: Keith Scott Morton/Country Living)

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