Look! A Special Treat from Andante Dairy

San Francisco

I picked up this small block of butter from one of my favorite cheesemakers, Andante Dairy, last Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Market. I was excited because Andante, a small dairy located in Sonoma County, does such wonderful cheeses. I just knew the butter had to be good. Later that day, I tried a small bit on a piece of toast--oh man, was I right! And, it turns out, I was also very lucky...

Bright yellow, creamy and deeply flavorful, the butter melted in my mouth like a dream come true. I’ve never tasted butter this flavorful and, alas, I may never again. For it turns out that Andante rarely sells their butter in the market because The French Laundry usually buys up everything they have. Cheesemaker Soyoung Scanlan was very firm about this: “Tell your readers if they want to taste Andante butter, they should go to The French Laundry.”

Ah, well. Some of the best things in life are fleeting and we appreciate them even more because of it.

If you live in the Bay Area, look for Andante Dairy at Ferry Plaza and Marin Farmer’s Market. Soyoung Scanlan’s cheeses alone are worth seeking out but while you’re there, keep your eye out for a plain, white paper-wrapped square simply labeled ‘butter’. Snatch it up --quick!--and be prepared for bliss.

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