Look! A Kitchen Island with Moving Parts

Look! A Kitchen Island with Moving Parts

Cambria Bold
Jun 13, 2013

We like smart design elements that save space and give a little bit of flexibility to the cook. For example, the cookbook shelf you see above? It's actually...

... on rollers! Pull it out, move it around, use it as another surface if you need one!

Likewise, in the same kitchen but at the other end of the island, you have a cookware cart that's neatly stored under the island top, the curve of the wood on the cart the same curve as the end of the countertop...

... until you roll it out and use it as a cutting board! I particularly like this detail because you can roll the butcher block over near the stove to throw your chopped veggies into the soup pot, or near the sink or composter to easily get rid of scraps.

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(Images: Bay Cabinetry Design Studio via Houzz)

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