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We may upset some apple pie purists here, but, being chocolate lovers, we went a little cuckoo when we saw this pie from Kayotic Kitchen, a food blog from the Netherlands. Chocolate pie dough? Oh, heck yeah. Read on for a link to the recipe...

Kay, the creator of this unusual delight, writes that it really isn't too sweet—in case some of you are looking at the chocolate crust and chocolate-apple filling and thinking, "Overload." She even recommends adding a bit more sugar if you want to.

We love Kay's step-by-step photos. Even a lump of brown dough looks beautiful. We're trying to think of more ways to use this basic chocolate pie crust.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The filling is simple—just apples cooked down with some butter, cinnamon, and more chocolate. The little pastry cut-outs are identical to these that Faith made with leftover pie dough.

Kay bakes her pie in a springform pan, but we think it would work fine in a basic pie dish.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Apple Pie, from Kayotic Kitchen

What do you think of this combination?

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(Images: Kay of Kayotic Kitchen, used by permission)