Look! Grilled Artichokes

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Artichokes are in season in the spring, primarily, but they also have a brief spurt in the autumn. We took advantage of this last night with an enormous grilled artichoke - chargrilled over a wood fire, with herbed butter for dipping. It was incredible. The smoky, woodsy taste permeated each leaf, and it made the work of stripping the meat off with your teeth that much more rewarding.

We found good instructions for grilling artichokes at Cooking for Engineers. Here's another recipe that calls for skewering them as they cook.

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Artichoke Facts & Recipes
• The artichoke that we eat is the flower of a thistle.
• 80% of the United States' artichokes are grown in Castroville, California, in Monterey County.
• Virtually all these artichokes are of the Green Globe variety.
Recipe: Warm Artichoke Salad with Pancetta and Sheep's Milk Cheese
Recipe: Wine-Drenched Squash With Tomatoes, Artichokes & Tuna

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