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Square Feet:
What makes your small kitchen so cool:
I like my kitchen because it is totally me - I try not to be influenced by trends and only put in it what I really love! I'm definitely the cook in my family so it really is my space.
Describe a challenge you've overcome or a smart resource you've found for your kitchen.:
When we moved in, the kitchen was stacked full of cupboards. We couldn't afford to knock through into the room next to it and extend immediately, so we did a mini makeover on it to keep us going until we could! We replaced the worktops, repainted and put new handles on the doors. We took all the cupboards down and replaced them with shelves and whitewashed the walls. The challenge is that the kitchen is so small that the fridge freezer has to be kept in the utility room which is an even tinier space.
What's your favorite meal to cook here?:
Lebanese lemon chicken with rosemary, chilli and bulgar wheat which is an all time favourite! Although my kids would say pizza...