Light Fall Soups, Dutch Oven Recipes, Magical Cauliflower, No More Almond Milk, and a Surprising Place to Chill Drinks

Most Popular Posts Published November 10 - 16

Happy Saturday! Popular posts this week on The Kitchn include eight light soups perfect as a starter Thanksgiving course, how to make meatloaf from scratch, five gorgeous dutch ovens (and recipes to go with them!), and the funniest, craziest food blog of all time. Enjoy!

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14. Out of Fridge Space Before a Party? A Surprising Spot to Chill Your Drinks
13. What Do You Serve an Impromptu Guest?
12. 8 Light & Lovely Fall Soups to Begin Your Thanksgiving Meal
11. Quick Dinner Recipe: Greek Pasta with Lamb, Zucchini, and Feta
10. Nigel Slater's (Short and Charming) 5 Essentials for the Home Cook

9. Recipe: Quinoa and Winter Squash Bake

8. The Funniest, Craziest Food Blog of All Time: Kaffekokarkokboken

7. Why This Is the Best Steak I've Ever Had

6. How To Make Meatloaf from Scratch

5. Kitchen Before & After: A Dated 1960s Kitchen Goes Clean and Contemporary

4. 10 Meals That Make the Most of Meat

3. 12 Things That Prove Cauliflower Is the Most Magical Food on the Planet

2. Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead

1. 5 Big & Beautiful Dutch Ovens: Plus 10 Recipes to Show Them Off

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