Light Eating: Giant Chipotle White Beans

Beans are the star this month, as we focus on Eating Light in January -- but without losing the comfort of hot, creamy winter foods. And these beans have been whispering to us since we first saw them at 101 Cookbooks.

We just think this looks amazingly good. Cooked white beans are baked with white cheese, spicy chipotle-tomato sauce, oregano pesto, and dark greens. A crunchy, golden topping of breadcrumbs tops the whole thing.

This looks so delicious and filling -- a wonderful winter dish. But it's also high in fiber, good vegetables, and vitamins with no meat in sight. Yummy!

• Get the recipe: Giant Chipotle White Beans Recipe

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(Image: Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks)

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