Lifting the Ban on Italian Cured Meats: Salumi per Tutti!

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Have you ever smuggled delicious pancetta home from Italy? Yes, smuggled. As in, broken the law. At the end of this month, your actions may be retroactively legal. (No, I am not a lawyer, so I actually don't know if you are absolved. So don't go calling the feds and confessing, okay?) The ban on importing salumi, at least some of it, has been lifted.

According to The New York Times, this is not a simple free-for-all. It isn't quite clear what the requirements will be for cured meats brought to the United States from Italy. But one thing is certain. We food lovers here in the U.S.A. will see more variety on our antipasti plate, and I can't wait. 

And are stateside purveyors of cured meat worried? At least one of them isn't. Emile DeFelice of Caw Caw Creek, whose country prosciutto is one of life's greatest pleasures, is happy about the change.

The more people eat good food, the more people buy good food! There are many archaic rules in the food industry that have nothing to do with safety (any more). One down, 1,000 to go.

I can't wait to host a gathering to celebrate the arrival of more variety. Now I just need to choose the perfect dry rose wine and olives to complement the feast. Salute!

(Images: Anne Postic)

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