Libby's Warns of Canned Pumpkin Shortage for Holiday

Uh-oh! Have you heard? Libby's, that ubiquitous Nestlé brand of canned pumpkin puree, so essential to Thanksgiving bakers, has announced that due to rainy weather and late harvests, there may be a shortage of canned pumpkin this Thanksgiving!

We already advised you to stock up on nuts, so you better add pumpkin to the list. Or just buy a pie pumpkin and make your own puree; we really prefer the taste.

Have you been seeing a shortage of canned pumpkin in your area?

We were initially rather suspicious when we saw this release from Libby's making food section headlines; was it just a marketing ploy to get people to stock up on pumpkin? Well, probably not — there is a lot of pumpkin bought this week no matter what, and the weather has been bad this year. (All those poor tomatoes, too.)

So, if you find your local store is out of canned pumpkin, we suggest buying organic puree, since organic farmers form a much smaller part of the market and weren't hit so hard.

Also, make your own puree!
How To Make Pumpkin Puree

And if none of that works for you, check out Libby's official press release and website for some alternate pie recommendations.

Libby's Pumpkin Shortage - "Mother Nature has been fickle!"

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(Image: Libby's)

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