Leftover Whipped Cream? Freeze It!

This week, my family all gathered together and enjoyed homemade peach shortcake for my dad's birthday. And even with so many of us together, we managed to end up with lots and lots of leftover whipped cream. What to do? Store it away for winter, of course!

That same creamy topping that made our seasonal summer birthday shortcake will do the same this winter in hot drinks. From everyday coffees to indulgent hot chocolates, we'll be at the ready with pre-dolloped whipped cream. 

We simply spaced spoonfuls of whipped cream on a layer of wax paper laid over a cookie sheet and froze it. After freezing, the dollops were transferred to a freezer bag and stored in the freezer. We just froze the whipped cream by the tablespoon-ful, but you can also put it in a piping bag and pipe out decorative little puffs if you want to be fancy!

(Image: Maria Ziesche, licensed for use by Creative Commons)