Leftover Fennel Fronds? Make a Cocktail!

Leftover Fennel Fronds? Make a Cocktail!

Emily Han
Apr 15, 2013

We're always looking for new ways to use a whole head of fennel, and particularly the fronds. There are only so many dishes one can garnish with the delicate, anise-scented herb, so now we're turning to drinks… 

In addition to their pretty green color, fresh fennel fronds have a subtle licorice aroma that would complement many citrus-based cocktails and apéritifs like Aperol and Campari. We're also experimenting with a batch of fennel-frond infused vodka, and fennel frond-infused simple syrup is another possibility. 

Have you used fennel fronds in cocktails or other drinks? 

Some recipes to try:
Campari-Fennel Aperitif at Food & Wine
Golden Bowl at New York Times 
Fennel Lemon Crunch at Organic Authority
Fennel-Infused Vodka at Mother Nature Network

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(Images: Candace Hartley/Shutterstock)

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