Left & Right-Handed Wood Spoons from Shaker Workshops

Are you left-handed? Do you get annoyed at kitchen utensils that are angled and shaped with right-handed people in mind? Well, Shaker Workshops offer these beautiful handmade spoons and cooking implements, and they have a whole line that is designed for left-handed people.

As a right-handed person, I have to admit I don't quite understand how these particular designs are better for left-handed people; can't you just flip a spoon over for the left hand? But perhaps their benefits are a little more subtle, and they certainly are beautiful!

Find them:
Left Handed Wild Cherry Spoons, starting at $18.75 at Shaker Workshops
Right Handed Wild Cherry Spoons, starting at $18.75 at Shaker Workshops

Are you left-handed? Are any of your kitchen tools optimized for your dominant hand?

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(Images: Shaker Workshop)

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