Lab-Inspired Glass Cruets from Chef's Planet

Lab-Inspired Glass Cruets from Chef's Planet

Faith Durand
Apr 14, 2008

Cleaning out our cupboards for the Kitchn Spring Cure has made us more determined than ever to get rid of extra packaging and unsightly bottles. These glass cruets from Chef's Planet are attractive and very functional; we are thinking about transferring our olive oil and one variety of vinegar to them.

We like the clean glass lines and glass pour spout. Do you keep your oil and vinegar in cruets? What sort of bottles do you use?

Small Cruet - 5 Oz., $12.50
Large Cruet - 8 Oz., $15.00
Double Set of Glass Cruets (1-5 oz and 1-8 oz), $25.00

(Images: Chef's Planet)

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