Gadget: Krups Egg Cooker

Gadget: Krups Egg Cooker

Faith Durand
May 2, 2007

We've looked at lots of kitchen egg-gadgets, from egg poachers (and poach pods) to egg slicers. But we hadn't seen an entire appliance devoted to cooking eggs until we ran across this Krups Egg Express Egg Cooker ($19.99, Amazon).

We're split on this one - yes, it's very one-use, and yet the Amazon reviews tend towards defensive love; one egg-loving cook says, I will defy ridicule and say that this is the most-used appliance next to the electric teakettle in our kitchen, and yes, I DO know how to boil water.

Perhaps if you eat a lot of eggs or if egg salad is a weekly staple in your house, this little appliance is a good buy. It boils up to seven eggs soft, medium, or hard - depending on the amount of water and the setting. It can also poach up to two eggs.

We're eyeing fresh new asparagus to roast with a poached egg and Parmesan...

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