Reader Review: Wüsthof Ikon Tomato Knife

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[Shira lives in Paris, and she was the winner of our Wüsthof Ikon Tomato Knife giveaway.]

When I worked in a cookery store, I was inclined to think of a tomato knife as a somewhat overspecialised piece of equipment. Even with my discount - and a tomato fiend at home - I thought that either a well-sharpened cooks knife or a bread knife could do the job perfectly adequately.

The Wusthof tomato knife goes a fair way towards proving me wrong.

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Accustomed to a heavier, longer knife, I initially found this model a bit awkward. But I soon came to appreciate the ergonomic handle, a successful aesthetic and functional compromise between new-generation contours and the traditional look of rivets and a visible tang.

The fork prongs are practical, though they slightly spoil the line. Most importantly, the serrated blade - made of durable, high-carbon steel - cuts cleanly and precisely. There was no drag on double-textured tomatoes, and it worked equally well on firmer and softer varieties.

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Some points to note: like any serrated knife, it can't be sharpened conventionally. The handle may also be a bit small for some. And even though it won't be used everyday (though it could handle some fruits, as well as sausages), it's still worth testing before purchase.

However, for those looking to buy a high-quality tomato knife, the Wusthof Classic Ikon should be a serious contender.

Thanks Shira!

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