Kitchn Cure: How Long Can You Keep Opened Condiments?

a peek inside STLcolleen's fridge from the Kitchn Cure's Flickr page

Earlier this week we answered a reader's question about how long it is safe to keep condiments. But for those who joined the Kitchn Cure, part of this week's assignment is to go through your kitchen and pitch expired foods. So we thought we'd do a follow-up.

We can all read a date-stamp, but an opened container is another thing. This morning I opened the April issue of Everyday Food and found a nice rundown of some of the most common condiments, and how long they last once they're opened.

According to Everyday Food, here are a few guidelines for how long you can keep opened containers of those common condiments taking up precious refrigerator real estate:

Ketchup: 6 months
BBQ Sauce: 4 months
Pure Maple Syrup: 12 months
Salsa: 3 days (fresh), 1 month (commercially produced, jarred)
Olives: 2 weeks (canned and jarred, airtight, covered in brine), 1-2 months (from the deli)
Mustard: 12 months
Pickles: 1-2 weeks (homemade or barrel), 2 months (commercially produced)
Jam and Jelly: 6 months
Mayonnaise: 2 months