Kitchens with Patina

Kitchens with Patina

Regina Yunghans
Mar 10, 2011

Patina is something we love to see in the home: it gives a sense of age and use and quality materials that stand the test of time. What better place to find these characteristics than in the kitchen?

Every time you begin to feel your kitchen is a little worn out or dated, just remind yourself that it's got patina! It can show up in many places, as found in the kitchens here:

  • 1: Metal cookware and cabinet pulls Choose unlacquered metals that will come to show fingerprints from handling.
  • 2, 3: Wooden cabinetry Solid weathered wood can be much more beautiful than perfectly-finished veneer.
  • 4: An antique marble slab Let coffee rings and wine stains tell their story instead of worrying about polishing.
  • 5: Stone flooring It might be cold, but it will endure the ages (and can be warmed up with a rug!).

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(Images: Tara Striano /Elle Decor, Katrin Arens, Kitchen Building, Elizabeth Martin Design, Border Oak)

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