Kitchens From Around the Globe

Kitchens From Around the Globe

Regina Yunghans
Jun 15, 2010

One of our favorite websites for home inspiration is called Normal Room. Normal Room depicts real rooms from all over the world, and with summer upon us, we have a hankering for looking far and wide. Travel with us to check out these kitchens from all corners of the globe!

Kitchens may be the one room of the house where we vary most from country to country. What with different culinary traditions, appliance styles, material availabilities and size standards, the kitchen is full of details that differ from country to country.

What differences or similarities have you noted in kitchens during your travels? Please share in the comments below.

1: Rome, Italy
2: Hämeenlinna, Finland
3: Courbevoie, France
4: Melbourne, Australia
5: Maine, United States

6: Sao Paulo, Brazil
7: Surrey, UK
8: Istanbul, Turkey
9: Netherlands
10: Dalian, China

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(Images: Normal Room)

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