Kitchens Doing Doubletime

Kitchens Doing Doubletime

Regina Yunghans
Mar 11, 2011

Kitchens do enough as they are: they're spaces in which we cook, clean, entertain, relax, and eat. But some kitchens do even more:

Each of the kitchens shown above incorporates at least one other use into the mix:

1: laundry
2: mudroom
3: office
4: play area

With the laundry and mudroom functions, it makes sense to piggyback them onto the kitchen because plumbing is already in the room. And the office and play area? If you already spend so much time in one room, you might as well get some work done or let the kids hang out with you!

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(Images: Apartment Therapy, M Pink Design, The New Yankee Workshop, Bob Hiemstra/Real Simple)

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