Best Wine Racks
Faith Durand
Feb 6, 2008
How do you store your wine? We keep ours stashed in various locations around the kitchen, and we need a wine rack so we were interested in this very comprehensive Best Wine Racks Roundup at AT: San Francisco. A new cleaning scent from Mrs. Meyers' Clean Day, hilarious salt and pepper shakers, gorgeous kitchens and more below. Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Supplies add a BASIL Scent! at AT: Chicago. We've blogged about our love for the lavender scent and reviewed Mrs. Meyers' online store. (There's a real Mrs. Meyer - did you know?) Glass Republican and Democrat Shakers at AT: New York New Blogger Abby Stone at AT: Los Angeles kicks things off with a prayer for good luck to the Kitchen God. Kitchen and Dining Room Inspiration from MUSA at AT: Chicago. Gorgeous!
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