Kitchen Tip: Testing Eggs For Freshness

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Even though the "Use By" date on the side of the egg carton says they've expired, sometimes eggs stay fresher past that date. How can you tell their freshness level without cracking them? We have a tried and true method for doing this.

  1. Place an egg in a bowl of water.
  2. If the egg lies on its side at the bottom, it is very fresh.
  3. If the egg lays upright on the bottom, it is still fine to eat, but should be eaten very soon, or hard boiled.
  4. If the egg floats to the top, do not eat. Discard it in your compost bin.

Why this works: Eggshells are very porous, and an egg's shelf life diminishes as more air enters the shell. The more air that enters the shell, the more buoyant the egg becomes. There you go!

(Image: Utah's Own)