Kitchen Tip: Measuring Sticky Ingredients More Accurately (and with Less Mess)

You know the situation: you're measuring honey, peanut butter, or molasses and it takes a whole lot of patience to get the thick stuff out of the jar into the measuring cup, and then again into the bowl. Each time a messy situation unfolds and you're never quite sure whether you got everything you needed into the mix. So what if there was a better way?

In the most recent issue of Cook's Illustrated, they discuss a brilliant tip for measuring out sticky ingredients without making a complete mess, and for making sure you get all the stuff out of the cup into the bowl:

Spray your measuring cups with a cooking spray so that the wet, sticky ingredients will literally just slide on out!

Smart! Do you ever do this?

Do you have any tips or tricks in dealing with sticky ingredients?

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(Image: Megan Gordon)