Kitchen Spotlight: Small Cool Kitchens We Want to See More Of...

One of the down-sides to the Small Cool contests is that we only get to see little slices of people's homes; even with five photos allowed this year that doesn't give us a big peek. Some entrants didn't even show their kitchens! (Hmm....)

But we saw some really tantalizing small kitchens, and we're hoping that we'll get to see more of these below. Read on for the kitchens that we'd like to see more of. Perhaps some made it to the finals?

• Above: Northwest #19: Cooper and Ali's Wee (Yet Wondrous) Work/Live Space - We like how they squeezed a KitchenAid into this small space. It seems so small, yet we want to turn around and see the rest of it.

Midwest #21: Carla's Grand Ave. Hom - A lamp next to the stove, and a mirror opposite. This kitchen is very squeezed into the rest of the living space; we're curious to see how it all integrates together.

East #33: Kerry's Greenpoint DIY - Wow - we love this bar, the cupboard, and the built-in benches opposite. We want to see the rest!

International # 15: Laura & Paul's Refuge Above the Highway - The pale blue and well-placed spots of red make us wonder how the rest of this probably colorful kitchen looks and works.

Were there other kitchens from Small Cool 2008 that you especially want to see?

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