Kitchen Spotlight: Chez Colette & Pierre

Paris, France

Colette and Pierre live on the top two floors of a centuries-old building in Saint Germain where Colette has lived for more than 50 years. She put a glass roof on a former terrace to create a comfortable kitchen with tons of charm...

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But one thing she didn't count on was how hot the kitchen got when the sun poured through the glass roof. So she tented the ceiling with a light, billowy swath of fabric that gives it a cozy feel, but still allows the light to come in and a view from the table by the window, where she was perched on a vintage stool prepping green beans for that night's dinner when I stopped by to snap some photos.

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Colette loves fine art, and every wall in the house is hung with paintings -- including the kitchen wall next to her handsome black stove.

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For the full house tour, go here.

- Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France. She can be reached at kristin @ apartmenttherapy . com