Kitchen Spotlight: Kyle's Colorful Boston Perch

When Kyle realized that she wasn't getting enough light in her Jamaica Plain apartment office, she did a very sensible thingl. She moved her office into the light-flooded pantry. Why not work in close proximity to the kitchen? We are obviously much in favor of this idea, especially when the kitchen is as colorful and lovely as Kyle's. Take a closer look - more photos below.


The first impression is light, color, and openness. We like how strong the color is without being overwhelming. The red shelf, art, and glass lamp are great examples of ways to bring color into an unpaintable white kitchen.

Love the hanging containers on the left wall, above the drainer!

Seating for the high table is augmented by a built-in bench - a great space saver in a small kitchen. It also increases the sense of coziness.

The colorful bench. Kyle made this window seat herself from Ikea refridgerator top cabinets. (There are windows everywhere in this apartment!)

Looking back through the kitchen at the office, right up against it.

The small but completely functional office - the kitchen just steps away.

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(Images: Boston AT Blogger Finalist Kyle)