Trivets, Beads, and the Kitchen Sink

Trivets, Beads, and the Kitchen Sink

Faith Durand
Nov 28, 2007

Working to keep your house cleaner? Start With the Kitchen Sink, says AT:Los Angeles. They say that washing the dishes every day makes a real difference in cooking, cleaning, and generally feeling good about your house. Plus it makes it easier to get cooking fast - which we are certainly in favor of.

Agree? Disagree? Talk about it over at AT:Los Angeles.

More good kitchen stuff from our sister sites below.

Decanter Cleaning Beads at AT:New York. SO much helpful advice in the comments on cleaning vases and decanters.

Closeup: Chicago Dining Rooms from AT:Chicago. A very inspiring set of dining rooms from past house tours.

Top Ten: Trivets at AT:San Francisco

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