Best Way to Clean Between the Oven and the Counter?

Best Way to Clean Between the Oven and the Counter?

Emma Christensen
Aug 18, 2011

Perhaps you can help me. The space between the oven and counter in my kitchen is so close that it might as well be called a crack. This becomes a trap for all sorts of crumbs, splatters, and all sorts of undesirable things. I have a heck of a time getting it clean. Ideas?

The clearance is actually so close that crumbs don't fall through; they get actually pinched about a half-inch into the crack and start to collect. The crumbs are right in plain sight (gross!) and seem to defy my cleaning efforts.

A sponge doesn't reach. A pastry brush is too light. The vacuum doesn't get the stubborn bits. I've considered trying to run a butter knife along the crack, but worry that will just push the crumbs through to the (even more inaccessible) floor.

Do you have this problem in your kitchen? How do you clean between your oven and counter?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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