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Here's our Kitchen Keeping Challenge. We hope you'll join us in banning the bottle of branded dish soap from your kitchen by September 30.

Replace the promotional dish soap packaging with a bottle that's more beautiful or something that reminds you to conserve. Decant your dish soap into a bottle that reflects your style and makes the chore of washing the dishes just a bit more fun.

If you ban your bottle by the end of Kitchen Keeping month (or, maybe you've done this already?), e-mail a picture of your sink and dish soap dispenser ...

Send the photos or a link to the photos on your blog to Chris AT apartmenttherapy DOT com by September 30. Please put "Bottle Ban" in the subject line. We'll post a slide show of sinks and soap on October 1 to mark the end of Kitchen Keeping month.

Here's some inspiration: Martha Stewart suggests using a glass bottle with a spout to hold dish soap. These olive oil containers could do the job elegantly too. Here's a post from our archive about decanting dish soap into a small squeeze bottle to deliver a quick jet of cleaning power directly to dirty dishes. Readers shared ideas for prettying up dish soap by putting it in a French lemonade bottle or in a pump bottle.

Keri took a different approach and "created a dish soap bottle that is covered in statistics about water pollution, and the impact of chemicals on human beings and the environment. just so i am a little more aware each time I reach for the container."

Dawn Defeats Joy. At least that's what you told us in this morning's dish soap survey. We're surprised to see that so far not a single person says they use Ivory.

(photo: Martha Stewart Living)