Kitchen Hack: Make a Toaster Bag Out of Parchment Paper

Remember those Toastabags we showed you a few weeks ago? These reusable bags let you make quick, no-mess grilled cheese sandwiches in the toaster. Well, reader Jess wondered if she could find an even easier, cheaper alternative. Here's what she came up with!

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Jess wrote:

I enjoyed your post about Toastabags. I was reluctant to run out and buy them without knowing if I'd really use them. Then it occurred to me that I could use parchment paper the same way as a Toastabag. I could rip off a piece and fold it into a pocket. So, I tried it with a slice of leftover pizza and it worked like a charm!!

Wow, what a great kitchen hack, Jess!

Would you ever try this? It's obviously a fire hazard, so we would only try it if we were hovering over the toaster the whole time.

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(Images: Jess via Board Game Geek)