Kitchen Cure Week #3: How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure

The best part of the clean out is that now it is so much easier to empty the dishwasher because I don't have to rearrange anything before putting the dishes away — they all have their perfect spots. - Amida, California

This Week's Assignment: Deep clean, beautify, and accomplish special projects.
Cure Clock: 3 weekends down! 2 weeks to go.
Cure Takers: 2,382 (Signup closes Friday, November 6)

Happy Monday, Cure-takers! How was the weekend? Did you get some deep-cleaning done? How good does that feel? We love this part of the Cure; all that sweeping, mopping, and cleaning out corners is positively cathartic. We're also working on one or two little upgrades to the kitchen. What about you?

Here's the assignment for this week; you have until Friday to get it all done!

Kitchen Cure Week #3: Deep Cleaning, Special Projects and Beautifying

Did you get a good head start over the weekend? Is your kitchen really, really clean? Have you done any little things to beautify? What's the best improvement you made this weekend?

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