Kitchen Cure Week #1 Check-In: Is Your Pantry Purged?

The Spring 2010 Kitchen Cure

This Week's Assignment: Clean out the fridge and pantry Cure Clock: 1 weekend down! 3 weeks remaining Cure Takers: 2306 and counting...

Happy Monday, Cure-takers! The first assignment of your 4-week kitchen cure is underway, and here's the spot to tell us how it went last weekend. Did you get much fridge-cleaning and pantry-clearing done this weekend? Tell us all about your first steps!

Here's the assignment for this week; you have until Friday to get it all done! Did you get a head start on this assignment over the weekend?

Kitchen Cure Week #1: Clean Out the Fridge and Pantry

How are your fridge and your pantry? What's the oldest, most expired thing you trashed or composted? Have you cleaned out expired food and old spices? Have you wiped down your cupboards and shelves?

Tell us how it's going, and if you need any encouragement! We are just getting started on our own Cure this week, so we are right there with you.

And we are LOVING your photos on the Kitchen Cure Flickr Pool! It's so great to see how you are documenting your Kitchen Cure. Keep 'em coming; we'll be highlighting some of our favorite photos every morning on The Kitchn!

(Image: Jarangi from the Kitchen Cure Flickr Pool)

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