Kitchen Cure Check-In Week 4: Dinner Party Planned?

Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

This Week: Beautify and Plan a Dinner PartyTime Left: Almost done! • Cure Takers: 2,451

Your kitchen is clean, restocked, and refreshed. You're adding a few finishing touches, like a jar of flowers on the windowsill. You're thinking ahead to having a few friends over to dinner, or hosting the Thanksgiving party. How are you doing? How is your kitchen feeling? Do you have a dinner party on the calendar yet?

It's been inspiring to see all your projects and progress. We really liked this nice setup from Heath & the B.L.T. boy via the Kitchen Cure Flickr Pool - a new set of storage and countertop space with an IKEA unit. Take a look at all the notes and annotations; very cool!

New IKEA unit

How are you doing on this week's assignment? Need any help? Any encouragement? Tell us, and happy dinner party planning!

This Week's Cure Assignment: Kitchen Cure Week 4: Beautify & Plan a Dinner Party

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And if you're still thinking about doing a special project, here's a list of some inspiration:

(Image: Flickr user Heath & the B.L.T. boy from The Kitchen Cure Flickr Pool)

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