Kitchen Before & After: The 'You Don't Need To Gut the Kitchen' Makeover

Kitchen Remodel

Paint is a powerful tool, as this kitchen makeover proves. As Nina of Swanky Swell told us, when she took on this project the kitchen was a standard builder's kitchen with lots of orange-toned wood — pretty flat and uninspiring. But the appliances were still in good shape and she needed to keep the overall costs down. So rather than gut the whole kitchen, she just focused on updating three major areas. See the 'After' photos below:

So clean and crisp! Here's how Nina describes the update:

As you can see on the before pictures, it was a pretty builder standard kitchen. The countertop and appliances are still in good conditions. We saved a lot of money by leaving them as is and not gutting down the whole kitchen. But we replaced the flooring, added a marble mosaic backsplash and painted all the cabinets white. I love how it turned out, bright and airy! 

Lightening up the floor tiles really made a big difference, too!

Thanks, Nina!

(Images: Nina of Swanky Swell)