Kitchen Before & After: A 1950s Kitchen Transformed by Mosaic Tiles

Reader Kitchen Remodel

Teruko's kitchen renovation is one of the most colorful we've seen! This Culver City, California kitchen was dark and outdated before, but after adding three skylights, a large window, and an incredible Mexican tile wrap-around mosaic, this kitchen is now a bright, colorful, one-of-a-kind space. See the transformation below:

Wow! That mosaic is so cool, especially considering that Teruko made some of the tiles herself. As she tells us:

We've been covering the whole house with mosaic tiles, and the kitchen is no exception. Mainly we used Mexican tiles and I made some of the tiles by myself. Our cabinets are from IKEA, appliances are from Viking. We also added a big pantry and open shelf on the wall for my handmade pottery. I love my cherry tree mosaic wall, and am now so happy to cook in my new kitchen!

We can imagine that cooking in this space must be so enlivening and a real joy. Thanks for sharing it with us, Teruko!

(Images: Teruko Gorneau via The Kitchn's submission form)