Kitchen Before & After: Two Bedrooms Become a Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

Reader Kitchen Remodel

Alyson and her family live in an 1890 workman's cottage in Chicago, and have been slowly rehabbing it over the last few years. Their most recent project is a brand new kitchen in the space formerly occupied by two small, dark bedrooms on the first floor. See what this room looks like now!

We love all the green! What a great space for a family. Here's what Alyson tells us about the renovation:

We bought our current home as a short sale back in 2010. It took my husband and me about two years to figure out that we were going to move the kitchen over to where the two bedrooms were on the first floor. Since it was being used as a two-flat it was technically a five-bedroom house but the two bedrooms on the first floor were dark and pretty depressing spaces.
The new kitchen is located behind the two bedroom doorways seen on the right above. The old kitchen is now a study area.
We really wanted to create a space that matched how we live. We have two kids ages 6 and 10, and we wanted to have a space that worked with the day-to-day organization. We put in the beadboard wall at the stairwell so we would have a place for backpacks and coats. We also put in a little spot next to the pantry where we could put all of our bills and kids' homework and charge our devices. The galley kitchen is so perfect for gathering and cooking and, being designers, we just always wanted a modern simple galley kitchen.
We used our IKEA cabinets from our previous kitchen and added a few more to fill the new space. We also used quartz countertops. I bought the light fixture over the sink from Etsy and the table in the back is an old bowling alley from a store in Michigan.

Our favorite part was incorporating timbers from an old church into our window sill and the shelf over the stove. Our friend was the pastor of the church in our neighborhood and they had to deconstruct it for safety reasons. It was really special that we got to use some of his old building in our new renovation (even though our contractor did complain a bit about having to work with it).

The green door against the dark wall is so fun!

Thanks so much for sharing, Alyson!

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(Image credits: Alyson Beaton)

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