Kitchen Before & After: Making Do With a Few Small Changes

Reader Kitchen Remodel

Last December Kitchn reader Melissa and her husband bought a fixer-upper home in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood, and the kitchen was (shall we say) not of this time. They hope to do a full renovation at some point, but in the meantime chose to make do with a few stop gap measures. "We decided to aim for a little more rustic, a little less 'Knights of the Templar,'" as Melissa wrote to us.

A few smart, affordable changes later, here's what the kitchen looks like now:

Definitely better! Here's what they did, in Melissa's words:

  • Painted the godawful Z-brick white using a heavy-duty Muralo primer followed with high gloss white paint
  • Yanked off the wood bead accents, painted the cabinets green using a Muralo Waterborne Floor paint (no primer needed!)
  • Changed the hardware to brushed nickle knobs
  • Installed a new faucet (Delta Vessona)
  • Installed a dishwasher

Project Cost Breakdown

  • Paint: ~$200 ($150 for 5 gallons of primer for use in other projects as well and $50/gallon for the floor paint). We already had the glossy white paint.
  • Hardware: $36 for 25 knobs
  • Faucet: $120
  • Dishwasher: $600 for a fancy Bosch and $350 for professional installation.

It may not be the kitchen of their dreams, but it's inspiring to see what a few small changes can do!

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

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(Image credits: Melissa N. via The Kitchn's submission form)