(Image credit: Catherine S via The Kitchn's submission form)

Kitchn reader Catherine and her boyfriend moved into their London flat two years ago, but didn't get around to renovating the kitchen until recently... and just in the nick of time! "Everything was starting to fall apart," Catherine wrote to us. The couple chose to move away from the bright blue and go neutral and serene instead. Check out the 'after' kitchen below:

(Image credit: Catherine S via The Kitchn's submission form)

Lovely! A modern and chic update. Here's how they did it, in Catherine's words:

We moved into our apartment 2 years ago, an old flat in a Victorian mansion block in London. The kitchen was usable, so it was left last on the list and we finally got around to it at the end of last year. And thank goodness! Everything was starting to fall apart; the oven took an hour to heat up, the floor tiles were getting increasingly cracked and wobbly and the garish bright blue we initially used to detract from the uneven wall tiling didn't fit with the aesthetic of our home.

On the renovation decisions:

We chose neutral cabinets in sage green with natural wood counters and sleek silver appliances, and splurged on the big Belfast sink (which is kind of a pain to use, in hindsight, but adds such a nice touch). We also laid the same laminate flooring that we have throughout our home for continuity.

(Image credit: Catherine S via The Kitchn's submission form)
(Image credit: Catherine S via The Kitchn's submission form)

On the renovation work itself:

My boyfriend is a carpenter so we saved a lot of money with him being able to do everything and many of the materials were bought at trade price. Plus, the cabinets were heavily discounted on sale and we actually didn't use many of them, opting for open shelving.

Cooking and eating is our favourite thing to do together, so I'm so happy we finally have a place that we love doing it!

Thanks so much for sharing, Catherine!

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