Kitchen Accidents: What Lessons Have You Learned?

As we type this, we're looking down at two unhappy, bandaged fingers. Lesson learned: don't daydream while cleaning the food processor blade!

Over the years we have experienced plenty of minor kitchen accidents (fortunately no major ones) and then, after scolding ourselves for being so mindless, we file the incident away and learn to be safer next time. A few other things we have learned the hard way:

• Don't lick the spoon you just used to stir hot caramel – d'oh!
• Keep a potholder alongside any just-out-of-the-oven pan so you don't forget how hot it is and pick it up with your bare hands.
• Protect your fingers: in a crowded drawer, store aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes with the cutting blade face down.

What kitchen injuries – and lessons – have you picked up along the way?

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(Image: Emily Ho)

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Emily Han (formerly Emily Ho) is a writer, recipe developer and educator on topics such as food preservation, wild food and herbalism. She is author of Wild Drinks and Cocktails (Fall 2015), co-founder of Food Swap Network and creator of Miss Chiffonade