Keeping Drinks Cold: Insulated Tervis Tumblers

Keeping Drinks Cold: Insulated Tervis Tumblers

These plastic tumblers have been around forever, and we usually think of them with a college logo or beach-themed patch. But there are hundreds of designs to choose from (even donkeys and elephants for election year). They're also very handy at keeping a beverage frosty — perfect for a picnic when you want something non-breakable, insulated, and reusable...

The double-wall construction insulates drinks, hot or cold, and cuts down on condensation. These tumblers are also guaranteed for life.

As for designs, there are the expected nautical emblems, fish, and wildlife — but you can also get a skull and crossbones flag, glitter confetti, or a personalized monogram. Or, for you minimalists out there, plain clear.

See all the designs and order:

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(Images: Tervis)

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