(Image credit: M Franke)

As you may remember from my dinner party last spring, I like to share the evening's menu with my guests. To do this, I've been tearing off an individual sheet from a roll of brown packing paper and hanging it on a blank stretch of wall. But then I saw this photo, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The menu sheet for my spring dinner party.

Why bother with tearing off single sheets of paper when you could just hang a whole roll of butcher block paper on the wall and pull it down as needed? The example you see here is from a restaurant in London (hence the prices), but the idea is totally worth stealing. You wouldn't even need to get an official paper cutter; any kind of curtain rod or rack (provided it enables sliding something onto the ends) would work.

With this method there's no wrangling with a roll of paper on the floor; just pull down as much as you need, hang a few clips on the bottom to keep the paper from rolling back up, and then write out your menu. At the end of the night, tear it off and you're all ready to go for the next time.

So smart! I can't wait to do this in my own dining room. What do you think?

(Images: 1. M. Franke for We Heart; 2. Gabriela Herman)