Editor's Choice: Kathryn's Favorite Posts of 2008

Editor's Choice: Kathryn's Favorite Posts of 2008

Kathryn Hill
Jan 6, 2009
Here is just one more roundup of favorite posts from last year. These are from Kathryn, who just returned from a long trip to Japan. (We're looking forward to seeing those vacation pictures!)

What were Kathryn's favorite posts from 2008? Read on and see...

• My Use Caution When Eating Escolar post here on The Kitchn. Because it cracks me up that I could have written that kind of post on a food blog.

• Faith's Lamb Ragu post. I made this recipe twice this year, and have portions of it in my freezer. It's wonderful.

• Sara Kate's Cipollini and Mushroom Tart, which impressed the guests of a dinner party I threw.

• Elizabeth's Pickled Cocktail Garnishes for Bloody Marys, because I love pickles and love learning to make my own things.

Cornmeal Fennel Cookies - my new favorite cookie.

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