Julie and Julia Takes Top Honors At the Box Office

Julie and Julia Takes Top Honors At the Box Office

Faith Durand
Aug 10, 2009

It's not often that a culinary heroine is tops at the box office over a big summer weekend — but that's exactly what happened this weekend. Julie & Julia was in the the top films, a nice moment for all of us home cooks watching our own obsessions play out across the big screen.

Details, plus an op-ed from Dan Barber about tomato blight (the culprit may be close to home), the latest bacon-ized food at the Indiana State Fair, and five foods that fix halitosis.

Julie & Julia Second at the Box Office - It raked in 20.1 million.

You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster - Are home gardeners (and big box retailers) responsible for the devastating tomato blight?

Five foods that fix bad breath - They're not just peppermint.

Indiana State Fair food favorites - Including chocolate-dipped bacon.

In downturn, cities grow fresh food where they can - More and more vacant lots are being used for farming in some cities.

Any other big food news this morning that we may have missed?

(Image: Sony Pictures)

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