Julia Child Makes the Perfect French Omelet

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"It's flat, and it's French."

I was in Paris last week, and while I was there my husband and I went to a posh tea room and had a real French omelet. It was as different from American omelets as you can imagine: Where American omelets are stuffed with fillings, this one had only a thin layer of cheese and elegantly diced mushrooms. Where American omelets are dry and lacy, this one was smooth as the outside of a balloon. When cut open, the smooth skin split open to reveal a delicate interior spilling out with golden, barely coagulated eggs. It was heavenly.

So now of course I have to try to recreate this omelet, and where else to start but with Julia Child? Her enthusiasm is bracing, and her expertise is reassuring. I plan on watching this a few times, then attempting one myself.

Have you ever made a perfect French omelet?

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