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New York, NY
Square Feet:
What makes your small kitchen so cool:
Believe it or not this kitchen is a MAJOR upgrade from the apartment I moved out of a month ago. I love the big pantry and full dishwasher, and I get lots of sunlight from the small window above the stove. It's a pleasure to cook in this cozy little kitchen, it makes me very happy!
Describe a challenge you've overcome or a smart resource you've found for your kitchen.:
The key for me is keeping things organized. I wanted to utilize the wall space as much as possible so I could have easy access to spices, knives, pots, and pans without having to dig around in cabinets and drawers. I was going for a bright, cheerful, beachy look.
What's your favorite meal to cook here?:
I recently did a great chicken stir fry. It's such a pleasure to have room to prep and chop veggies in my cheerful little kitchen!