Janie's Sunny, Sophisticated Black and White Kitchen

Janie's Sunny, Sophisticated Black and White Kitchen

Faith Durand
Nov 3, 2009

When we first saw this kitchen in an Apartment Therapy house tour, all we could say was, "Ooohhhhh...." It looks sleek and sophisticated, but homey. A little dramatic, but still very functional. Read on for more of this gorgeous Austin kitchen.

Janie's kitchen was remodeled recently, and we really love how it looks. It's a great example of how Old World marble can look amazing with sleek, modern cabinets. We also like how the kitchen island is more open, with less visual heaviness than a more traditional island.

And of course all that sunlight is just wonderful; we like the classy linen shades a lot, since they filter the light but still let most of it in.

See the full tour: A South Austin Sunny and Sophisticated Home!

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(Images: Adrienne Breaux)

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