Jammy Biscuits, Easy Bite-Sized Snacks & 15 Ways to Eat Peanut Butter

Friday Flashback

It's time to squeeze every last tomato and ripe berry out of summer before cooler weather rolls in. From this time last year, we have an extra-pretty plum pie, a round-up of terrific end-of-summer vegetable recipes, and some delicious biscuits with jammy middles. Let's go!PICTURED ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHTPerfect Biscuit Recipe: Grand Central Bakery JammersEnd of Summer Prune Plum PieDrink Recipe: Sparkling Rosemary LimeadeShan's World Traveler Kitchen15 Sweet & Sensational Ways to Eat Peanut ButterWeekend Meditation: Instant Noodle Bowl Supper

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