Jamie Oliver Launches Online Dating for Food-Lovers

Jamie Oliver Launches Online Dating for Food-Lovers

Faith Durand
Nov 18, 2009

When we first saw this press release we checked the date. Was it April Fools already? No. It's true. Jamie Oliver has launched a dating service for cooks and food-lovers to meet up over good meals and find common ground in romantic chatter about truffles and porchetta.

We're not entirely clear how food-related this actually is; it's rather unclear from the site exactly what is on offer. What does seem to be clear is that Match.com is involved, and somehow will be integrated with the community on Oliver's own website.

Jamie also offers words of encouragement via video, and a chance to win a free dinner at his restaurant.

"I've always found food to be a really powerful way of bringing people together and I thought it would be great if we could get people who loved food, to love each other!," said Jamie Oliver.

"My site and match.com both have great communities on them and hopefully, by partnering up, we'll be able to bring single food lovers together and make some love matches – or maybe even a marriage – happen."

He added," I can't wait to hear from people who've met and fallen in love through this new dating site." (Source)

Whaddya think? Would you take a chance on love with this new site from the Naked Chef?

• Take a look: JamieOliver.com/dating

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(Image: JamieOliver.com)

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